Your Opinion: Get government out of the way

Dear Editor:

I agree with the title of Tony Smith’s letter published June 3 “Answer to welfare is employment” but the body of his letter offers no solution, just useless complaints and blame.

The difference between my approach to a problem solution is to first label it, as was done by Smith, and then identify the cause. It’s difficult for me to understand after five and one-half years of the Obama administration there seems to no understanding and/or acceptance of the fact that the extreme liberal, socialist ideology being forced on the American people is a total failure.

The one biggest nail in our coffin is and has been and is the absolute determination to force green energy on us at all costs. This is being sold like everything the Democrats sell to the voters, by unsubstantiated fear tactics. This was done in the ’80s by the fear of global cooling, then in the ’90s Al Gore amassed $200 million by selling global warming. Now after the coldest winter in decades, it has been relabeled as “climate change.”

As long as the Al Gores and politicians are allowed to make millions from us in taxes and profits from the sale of “green” equipment (i.e. Solyndra) then our country will follow in the footsteps of Spain, Denmark, Portugal, and Germany who have all seen that it doesn’t work. ( )

The solution? Capitalism. Let the marketplace solve the problem. An example? Fracking. Texas; it’s economy is booming. Pennsylvania; fracking provides jobs paying $62,000 average. Ohio; over 200,000 jobs are expected to be created in the next five years. North Dakota; is one reason oil prices are $15 to $20 lower than Brent crude in Europe. Louisiana; has become the nations highest shale gas play. ( All this economy growth is in spite of the Obama administrations efforts to limit fracking exploration by restrictions on government lands.

The real solution, get government out of the way.

Let’s get our economy going. Monitor oceans, ice caps, carbon pollution until a reliable composite historical effect can be established then address it on a factual basis instead of on computer models, speculation, fear and ideology.