Your Opinion: Disappointed with Kehoe’s road tax

Dear Editor:

While I have supported Sen. Mike Kehoe in the past via his business and in running for political office, he has truly disappointed me as a servant to the citizens. I also do not agree with Gov. Jay Nixon a lot, but the latest tax issue has me in agreement with him.

The bait-and-switch tactics of legislators is getting out of control. Passing legislation to help the good ol’ boys with income taxes and then asking for a sales tax increase from the populous. Are you kidding me? Rob Peter to pay Paul?

We consistently hear about budget constraints, yet, year over year one tax cut leads to another tax added. I, along with many others, are tired of this nonsense of cutting taxes for a few and then asking for more money from the masses.

I look forward to seeing election day results showing a 70 percent defeat of the upcoming sales tax issue. This does not downplay my support for road and bridge maintenance. I think their costs of requiring a five person crew with two actually working needs evaluating before we throw more