Your Opinion: Blame for scandals misdirected

Dear Editor:

Exactly what does it take for liberals to at least have the decency to just shut up? Read a letter in the June 1 edition and low and behold there just have not been any real scandals. And low and behold, the problems are the fault of Republican legislators. They are all just contrived by those dirty water and air conservatives.

OK, let’s begin with Lois Lerner taking the fifth concerning the targeting of tea party organizations. If you have a doctor, you can keep your doctor, so said Obama. Then how about four people dead in Benghazi because of a YouTube video? How about the NSA listening in on every phone call you make (of course denied by Obama.) An email as early as 2008 advised the Obama administration of existing problems in the VA system. Nothing was done and people died on waiting lists. Now we are openly negotiating with terrorists.

Gosh, I suppose none of these matters because if not for conservatives, none of this would have occurred. But at this point in time, just what difference does it make?