Your Opinion: Right to Farm amendment potentially harmful

Dear Editor:

Re: right to farm or right to evade regulation?

The Kansas City Star ran an article earlier this month that hit the nail on the head. It said, in part, that the Right to Farm bill “isn’t a match-up between family farmers and meddling animal rights groups. Right to Farm ( amendments similar to this one are being pushed in states around the nation by agricultural corporations and groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council, which promote corporate agendas. They want a free pass from pesky state and local laws that seek to protect communities and the environment from agricultural chemicals and noxious animal waste, and to ensure a safe food supply.”

Just for the record, there are members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in our Missouri Legislature. If you want to relinquish the power of our citizens to ensure the safety of their food and environment to big corporations, then vote for the Right to Farm amendment. As for me, I will vote no to this unnecessary and potentially harmful amendment.

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