Your Opinion: More on ‘man-made warming hoax’

Dear Editor:

I ended my last letter listing some of the “brightest minds” that have bought Al Gore’s line about “man-made global warming” hook, line and sinker.

Until recently you would have never know that the scientists (sic), and tourists stranded on that Russian ship at Antarctica, were really on a mission to show how man-made global warming has reduced the polar ice caps. As of today there are two ships stranded. They include the Russian ship these people were on and one from China. I guess that man-made global warming is such a strange phenomena, that it even causes the glaciers to increase in size so fast that these ships can’t excrete themselves fast enough to avoid getting caught in them.

Scientists at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) say “that the melting of the Pine Island Glacier ice shelf in Antarctica has suddenly slowed right down in the last few years, confirming earlier research which suggested that the shelf’s melt does not result from human-driven global warming.”

The BAS goes on to explain: “Observations made in January 2012, and reported now, show that ocean melting of the glacier was the lowest ever recorded. The top of the thermocline (the layer separating cold surface water and warm deep waters) was found to be about 250 meters deeper compared with any other year for which measurements exist.

This lowered thermocline reduces the amount of heat flowing over the ridge. High resolution simulations of the ocean circulation in the ice shelf cavity demonstrate that the ridge blocks the deepest ocean waters from reaching the thickest ice.

In January 2012 the dramatic cooling of the ocean around the glacier is believed to be due to an increase in easterly winds caused by a strong La Ninã event in the tropical Pacific Ocean.”

Dr Pierre Dutrieux of the BAS adds, bluntly: “We found ocean melting of the glacier was the lowest ever recorded, and less than half of that observed in 2010. This enormous, and unexpected, variability contradicts the widespread view that a simple and steady ocean warming in the region is eroding the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.”

Some additional Gore supporters are: Matt Damon, college dropout, Michael Moore, college dropout, Nicole Richie, college dropout, Robert Redford, college dropout, Bill Maher, B.A. English, Bono, high school diploma.

With all these scientific minds, how can we not support the man-made global warming hoax?