Your Opinion: Common sense not so common

Dear Editor:

To borrow a phrase from our Founding Fathers, there are some things that are just self evident (or just a firm grip on the obvious.) Issues being debated on this page swing me from laughter to rage because of the constant ranting in order to sway people’s opinions and news flash, it’s nothing but an narcissist ego trip for the authors, your opinion is just that, yours.

These things I know, before satellites, we just had weather. Not polar vortexes or El Nino, but cold or hot weather. Global warming out of convenience has now been changed to climate change. The air quality in the USA is at an all-time best. We have more trees on this continent than we had in the 1800s.

Obamacare (why progressive liberal Democrats refuse to use that word also makes me scratch my head, what are they afraid of?) is the largest tax to be imposed upon the American public in the history of this country. Competition fuels the economy, not socialist rules such as minimum wage requirements from the government. Religion is based upon faith, not laws or facts. Social Security and military benefits are not an entitlement; we worked and paid for it. Food stamps are welfare, not an entitlement; you are not entitled to my money for your food. The vast majority, whether blue state or red state, who are on any form of welfare, vote Democratic.

These are not goggled facts, talking points sent from Republican or Democratic headquarters, just facts that are obvious. Common sense in this country just does not seem to be very common any more.

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