Your Opinion: Status of bills reveals focus of lawmakers

Dear Editor:

I was checking the statuses of some House and Senate bills being presented this year that I thought were important. I thought other readers might be interested in the results of my search.

The House voted do pass on the following bills: HB129, HCSHS1295, and HCS HB1253 and 1297, all of which aim to reduce and/or eliminate corporate income taxes. However, those bills do not significantly benefit the average citizen.

Also voted do pass is HB1174, which exempts capital gains income from the exchange of gold and silver. (Right, this really helps the average citizen.) The bills regarding campaign finance reform and reducing the number of state representatives are not even on the calendar.

HB 1244, which would modify retirement benefits for the general assembly and elected officials, is not on the calendar. There are also bills that attempt to restrict the use of red light cameras. This to me says they do not care about my safety.

I just thought there may be others that are interested in knowing what the main focuses seem to be in our legislature.

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