Your Opinion: GOP misrepresents ACA effect on jobs

Dear Editor:

It is obvious anyone could develop a career correcting the deceptions and distortions offered by Republican leadership and conservative media. Anyone computer savvy knows the aphorism techies apply to bad data, “Garbage in, garbage out.” Flawed information produces flawed results and flawed policy.

Two additional examples arose upon release of the recent CBO report on the Affordable Care Act (ACA.) First, contrary to media headlines and press releases of Congressman Luetkemeyer, Senator Blunt and other Republican legislators the CBO report absolutely does not assert the ACA will kill jobs. Rather, the ACA will free labor of the binding labeled “job lock.” The ACA has liberated Americans from their dependence upon employer-provided health care and the laborer may now maintain that tie or obtain health care through an exchange, pursuing previously impossible opportunities.

This freedom means the person approaching retirement who has achieved a level of economic security may retire early, still obtain coverage and spend treasured time with grandkids, enjoying this country’s many natural beauties or perhaps starting that small business of their dreams. That freedom allows younger Americans with a similar dream to start a business, to take that leap that even Republicans know to be a crucial piece in job creation. That freedom will allow a parent currently working two jobs or tied to one particular job only because of health care benefits to reduce their hours spending more time with family. Numerous family options will be available to those who have feared the idea of cutting that survival link to health care. These are positive family-friendly policies. Again, the clear thrust of the report is Americans have been given more options. Anyone stating the message otherwise is misstating the facts.

Fundamentally, 10,000 baby boomers each month will be leaving the labor force. And the 110,000 behind them this year now have options.

Additionally, the CBO report did not justify any characterization of the ACA as a bailout. The risk corridors piece in the legislation balances costs and expenses. Rather than creating a bailout of the insurance companies, the CBO projects an $8 billion reduction in the deficit or, in other words, an $8 billion benefit to the Treasury. Republican efforts to eliminate this piece would add $8 billion to the deficit.

Once again Republicans and their mouthpieces have willfully misrepresented a non-partisan report and made statements with no basis in fact.

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