Your Opinion: Administrator’s salary, benefits outrageous

Dear Editor:

On learning that the city has hired Steve Crowell as a $152k plus administrator.

$152k plus you say?

Consider this: on top of Crowell’s $152.000 base starting salary, a benefits package consisting of: an annual vehicle allowance of $7,200 = $600/mo plus an annual cellphone allowance of $900=$75/mp plus an annual retirement payment, on top of what he will receive in the Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System, of $10,690=$890.83/mo plus $54,064 in “miscellaneous benefits/taxes=$4,505.33/mo totaling $224,854 or $18,737.83/mo.

The approved salary range was $104,637 (or $120,217 less) to $156,956 (or $67,898 less).

Is there really anything in his credentials that make him worth more than the governor of the state of Missouri whose 2013 salary was a mere $133,820 or $91,034 more. And $92,034 more than the Steve Rasmussen salary of $132,500. And $102,854 more than the Nathan Nickolaus salary of $122,000. Or worth $111,454 more than the $113,400 he previously made?

But wait! Recall the “one-time” expense of up to $22,500 for moving expense.

That brings the compensation for some year up to $247,354.

But the approved salary range was $104,637 to $156,956?

Is the city really missing budget projections? Is the city infrastructure in excellent condition? Does the city have no outstanding debts? Has the city let other employees go to protect the city from some supposed financial bind?

And the City Council is contemplating some sort of taxpayer subsidy for a new parking structure for a controversially needed convention center?

Is it meaningful that this $247,354 compensation recipient was employed by a city that states in its charter: “The powers of the city shall be constructed liberally in favor of the city. The specific mention or failure to mention particular powers shall not be construed as limiting in any way the powers of the city.”?

There are so many questions and too many questions raised by this $247,354 compensation about the financial and other situations in which this city supposedly finds itself but, What am I missing?

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