Your Opinion: Model human kindness

Dear Editor:

I was very pleasantly surprised by Jim Dyke’s after earth day cartoon referring to “Human day” and treating each other with kindness. Humanity is so often forgotten these days and so sadly, it seems like very few truly practice kindness in everyday lives.

The school days, nights and weekends are so packed with tasks and expectations of things to do and people to see, that our children rarely witness the adult role models in their lives practicing what they preach. That is, if the role models bother to speak of humanity and kindness at all.

I often look to the news media as a mirror of the culture and values of the community in which we live. In days gone by, local media was the role model of integrity, of truth, fairness and what you would want to see in your community. Some of the main traits that I would still hope for in all aspects of news media are fairness, honesty, humanity and finding a balance between all of those traits.

We encourage our children to read the paper and view the media, and I am often blown away by the truly beautiful integrity of some publications like HER magazine and how clearly it shows the very human values, possessed by some of the ladies who write for it, but sometimes I am ashamed of what I see represented in some of our other hometown medias.

I thank Jim for the reminder of humanity and its important place in our community and would like to challenge him to represent the humanity that he has shown in this cartoon, in more of his future cartoons. I would like to ask Jim to “Be the change he wants to see.”

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