Your Opinion: America must return to faith

Dear Editor:

The letter submitted by Frances Byrd and printed by the News Tribune April 15 was absolutely excellent. Rather than killing (i.e., aborting a conceived human being) she advocated putting the child up for adoption.

The verses she referenced from the Bible make it very clear that the conceived fetus is a human life. We are living in scary times. I thank God for people like Frances Byrd that stand up for what they believe. We are being told by the leftist liberals in our society that abortion is okay, homosexuality is okay and so-called gay marriage is okay and it is just sickening.

What America needs more than anything is to return to our Judeo-Christian faith and start reading the Bible for themselves and living it. In the New Testament the book of Luke 18: 8 Christ himself puts forth a question. When I return will I find faith on earth? I personally believe that we are at that point now. America had better come back to Christianity for it appears the end is very close.

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