Your Opinion: No end to Ameren’s demands

Dear Editor:

My father who’s long deceased had a favorite expression when things didn’t sound quite right, he would say, “something’s rotten in Denmark.” Well, there is something rotten in Missouri in respect to our utility supplier Ameren, and their constant request for cost increases. On heels of their impending rate request coming this summer, they are now requesting the MPSC to approve a fuel adjustment fee ($57 million) increase. There is no end to their demands, they apparently think their consumers are there as their personal money tree, and using their profits for other uses.

The reasoning behind this request, as they stated, is a cold winter that boosted electric demand and fuel costs beyond seasonal demands. This conflicts with their statement regarding the unexpected larger profits they had during the previous summer. The explanation for that was because of the higher electric demand due to the lengthy heat wave. Why wasn’t fuel costs involved then? Seems to me they want things both ways.

Ameren has stated they made more money than approved by the MPSC, but they still continue to play the poor man’s role. I certainly hope the MPSC takes a strong approach in viewing this request, with the demand made on the utility’s consumer’s purse.

We have no other choice in dealing with this monopoly, but the MPSC.

Again I’m requesting the consumer to voice his/her displeasure with the never ending rate increases with their legislators. The fuel adjustment charge we are locked into was approved by our legislators.

Enough is enough !

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