Your Opinion: Who looks out for unborn children?

Dear Editor:

I read recently a letter that stated, “I am appalled at the way women’s freedoms and privacy are under constant attack in our Legislature.”

Really! The letter went further, “But mind your own business and leave everyone else alone. Our legislators should be concentrating on the important issues for our state, like campaign finance reform and access to health care.” Question, who is looking out for the unborn child? Certainly not the individuals involved in the killing of these little ones.

I ran across some rather interesting statistics concerning abortions in New York City. New York City’s non-Hispanic black women had more abortions than live births in 2012, Health Department figures show. According to the statistics from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, 52.6 percent of pregnancies in non-Hispanic black women were aborted in 2012.

The city’s figures log 31,328 “induced terminations” or abortions, 3,446 “spontaneous terminations,” and 24,758 live births among non-Hispanic black women that year. With 73,815 total abortions in New York City that year, the number among non-Hispanic blacks represents 42.4 percent. The citywide total of abortions was 37 percent of the 197,046 pregnancies reported in 2012.

Dr. Alveda C. King has said, “Abortions are down some: Still not safe and rare, especially in black neighborhoods. The abortion lobby is scrambling to take credit for a decline in abortions while hiding the truth that abortions are still disproportionately high in black communities. Those who are passionate about saving the lives of the unborn have been working very hard to bring not only a decrease in abortion rates, but also to make abortion itself unthinkable.

Yet we still face the issue of African-American communities being targeted by the abortion lobby while claiming to make abortions “safe, legal, and rare.” For instance, in New York and in some cases nationally, abortions are down due to diligent pro-life strategies such as prayer, legislative awareness, public awareness, pregnancy care centers, abortion healing, African-American and all minority awareness, and aggressive media outreach. Still in New York black abortions remain upside down, 2 abortions to 1 live birth.”

If one would study the life of Margret Sanger, founder of the current Planned Parenthood, these statistics will not surprise. I too am appalled by the utter lack of compassion by doctors and others for the lives of the most vulnerable among us, the baby.