Your Opinion: Response to Laur on climate change

Dear Editor:

I just had to respond to George Laur’s Sept. 15 letter concerning climate change.

Days before his letter there have been hundreds of Internet reports citing NASA and many other agencies’ reports that the earth’s average temperature has not gone up. In fact, they have been dropping for the last 15 years and Ice coverage in the Arctic has increased in one year by 60 percent and new fears are that, due to decreased solar activity, we are heading for another “Little Ice Age.”

Despite whether or not the climate is getting hot or cold one question of logic stands out. How on earth is taxing carbon going to help anyone or anything. If we really want to help people then our first concern should be protecting the most important assets we have; food and water. When the climate changes, in either direction, food is going to become a problem and so may water. So taxing an already environmentally burdened society with an extra tax is actually cruel.

We need to start rethinking agriculture; we need to plan for both possible extremes. Climate controlled hydroponic greenhouses would be one option. These greenhouses could be built with the new transparent solar panel technology, thus providing both food and electricity.

If the environment is going to be as bad as these alarmists keep saying then one would expect the government to subsides mass production of such greenhouses and improved ways of collecting and storing large volumes of water to support the American people in the future. Yet the best idea offered so far is to take more money from the American people with another tax.

Gee, I feel so safe and secure now.

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