Your Opinion: Double standard on military intervention

Dear Editor:

Question: Why haven’t the anti-war progressives (Obamabots) amongst us sent in letters deriding our dear “Ruler” about the coming bombing of Syria? I can cite the names of those that have written letters deriding former president Bush, about almost everything associated with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. These same “anti-war” individuals remain oddly silent when their beloved “Ruler” promotes the same policies.

It shouldn’t surprise us that several of our political leaders are now all for the “Ruler’s” new military escapades. Very strange indeed. These same people haven’t grown tired of telling us that Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction.

What intelligence agency has the dear “Ruler” gotten his latest information from? Did the NSA intercept some texts or e mails from regular citizens and learn of what Bashar al-Assad is supposed to have done to his own people? How do we know that Al-Qaeda didn’t use the chemical weapons they confiscated?

Our dear “Ruler” and his minions have known for years that Al-Qaeda has had these weapons as it was published in newspapers and even on the national news, but that is an inconvenient fact that they wish us not to remember.

We must always remember that sometimes despots use the “Reichstag Fire” effect to achieve their objectives. I wouldn’t be surprised if our dear “Ruler” knows something about this situation.

I don’t know what is worse, Kerry (who served in Vietnam) bumbling along or our dear “Ruler” being so inept!

It would be nice if our local Obamabots would explain why George Bush was so evil to attack Iraq and Afghanistan and the dear “Ruler” is to be honored for riding in on a white horse to save the day in Syria.

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