Your Opinion: Observations of council actions

Dear Editor:

To belittle one’s self while serving in an elected position in a City Council position in the public eye cannot be condoned or accepted by citizens of this community. The temper tirade displayed by this individual cannot be tolerated or excused in any sense of the imagination. Failing in an attempt to get two measures that she supported and were voted down resulted in the temper outburst.

Many of us were opposed to these two measures that originated from the likes of the attorney who has been in hot water before. This time his idea was copied from another community; in other words, we seem to be a copycat capital town. Original ideas appear to be highly lacking, nor can council members come up with appealing projects that interest the bill-paying public.

This group appears to be shilly-shallying around on one particular project that most of the citizens oppose, pure and simple, the absolutely ridiculous convention center. We taxpayers would like to be helped with some of the money that we place in this town’s coffers. Someone needs to work on waylaying the fox (government) and guarding the henhouse (the citizen/voter) door. What the town needs is certainly not two attorneys but requires a person with bookkeeping skills.

Oh, my goodness, doesn’t anyone have the ability and knowledge to see this?

When working in a government position, this writer was responsible, among all of her numerous duties, for keeping track of expenditures. The boss would come out of his office to my desk and inquire about the balance in each of the various accounts allotted by government. After five minutes, with adding unencumbered amounts and subtracting other figures I could ascertain the balances remaining in the accounts.

And, no, I am not available for a job.

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