Your Opinion: Tax cut veto merits city’s support

Dear Editor:

The Tuesday’s headline read, “City ‘Facebook’ page briefly urged support for Nixon veto.” I presume that if our city administrator felt the tax cut bill would cause economic hardship to this city as he expressed in the article, then he was acting in the best in interest of the city by posting support for the governor’s veto.

I believe it is his job to support legislation that helps Jefferson City and to oppose legislation that hurts Jefferson City. It is very simple. But Mayor Struemph did not think the city should be weighing in on the tax issue because “this is a policy issue.” Excuse me? When would the city’s policy be anything other than to oppose job-killing legislation? The tax bill in question puts hundreds of Jefferson City jobs at risk.

Our City Council should pass a resolution to support the HB253 tax bill veto. The council and mayor’s open support seems like a “no-brainer” for a city that stands to lose so much. They should urge our local legislators, Jay Barnes, Mike Bernskoetter and Mike Kehoe to do the same. They should all be working in the best interests of Jefferson City and Cole County.

I worry that some of our local leaders let personal politics trump the best interests of the city. Opponents of the tax bill believe tax cuts are a stimulus to growth. It has not helped Kansas and it won’t help us. I would like to hear plans to replace lost tax income and how to deal with the trickle down hardship that would come from laid off workers.

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