Your Opinion: Obama not authorized to bomb Syria?

Dear Editor:

According to a recent article in Time magazine in 2007 Obama was asked if the president has the authority to launch a military strike without congressional authority. His answer was, “The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” Candidate Obama said one thing while king Obama does whatever satisfies his whim of the moment.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel just issued a statement calling for a UN political solution to the situation in Syria. She is not in favor of Obama unilaterally deciding to bomb Syria.  

Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, suggested that Britain’s government not even take a vote on military action against Syria until after the UN chemical weapons inspectors issue a final report. 

Obama has been running off at the mouth about this for weeks. What is he going to bomb after giving Syria weeks of notice. Perhaps he is going to bomb a pharmaceutical factory like Clinton did in Sudan. Critics claim that thousands of Sudanese civilians died due to a lack of the drugs that were being produced at the factory.

Our Article 1, Section 8 of our Constitution clearly gives the power to declare war to Congress. The president absolutely does not have the authority to start a war. The situation in Syria has been going on for months. There has been plenty of time for Congress to authorize military action. At the time I am writing this over 100 congressmen are demanding that Obama not start a military action against Syria without the approval of Congress. 

Congress gave Bush authorization to go to war in Iraq. (Both houses of Congress approved the resolution by over a 2:1 margin.) Ninety-eight senators and 420 representatives voted to give Bush the authority to go to war with Afghanistan.

The Iraq Body Count web site claims that over 2,500 Iraqis were killed during just the first five months of 2013. Muslims are murdering Egyptian Christians with little fear of reprisal. Human Rights Watch claims that at least 72 civilians were killed during the Obama supported bombing of Libya. Civilians are being killed in many Muslim nations, does it make that much difference how they are being killed? 

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