Your Opinion: President, government lack accountability

Dear Editor:

I am so amazed at all the finger pointing about the government shutdown. And most of it at the Republicans. It wasn’t just them. Both are to blame but most of all it was the commander-in-chief of this country. How much more damage to our country has to be done before we all open our eyes?

We have so many things overlooked by Obama ,like Benghazi, the IRS and no person or group is being held accountable for any lie or wrongdoing coming from the White House.

If you don’t pay your taxes the IRS goes after you. If the general public has to take Obamacare then everyone should. There should be no exemptions for the privileged. The president and government work for us. They should be held accountable. Instead we let the government do anything no matter what.

It may be that there are too many people that think it doesn’t affect them but it does. And we have three more years of a corrupt government.

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