Your Opinion: Old letters preserve fond memories

Dear Editor:

The other night I was going through some old letters sent to me and letters from me when I was in Vietnam in the late ‘60s. Most of the people who wrote to me were my mom and dad, my aunts and uncles, grandparents other relatives and such. Well as you might have guessed, a lot in fact, most all but a few of those folks are passed on and lovingly missed.

As it goes, I read their letters to me and it was as if they were right there with me. It then dawned on me that the reason for this is in their writing, the very essence of the words their pen put to paper itself. Wouldn’t it be grand, I thought, if everyone who ever received a hand-written letter were to sit down and have the same visit with their friend and relatives that I did.

In all this time, who would have thought that the very essence of your loved ones was in pen and ink, or pencil as my father loved to write with. Well truly it is, it is so much more personal than an email. By the way I am using a laptop to write this, hummmm.

When you use a pen or pencil your true feelings are miraculously transposed to the paper you’re using and those feelings will be there forever, unlike the cold keys of a computer.

Let’s not forget the postman either; I’m sure with all the talk of putting some post offices to sleep it would be a blessing for everyone to start buying stamps again.

I believe I will send this little note to all editors that would listen. May God bless America and all those men and women coming home from service to their country. I can’t begin to tell you just how much my old letters mean to me. They truly are a visit to the past, just like shaking hands or getting a hug from those we miss so much. You guys and gals coming home and to all service personnel that are still away from home, keep those letters close. Some day you’ll need that hug from the past .

I am 65 years old, some 40 odd years from my time in Vietnam, still, reading those letters takes me back to my mother’s kitchen, where she wrote to me.

I’ll always be able to go back and visit and so will you.

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