Your Opinion: Compromise and settle impasse

Dear Editor:

I have no allegiance to any party and describe myself as a Republicrat. I have sat back an observed and listened to all points of view about the shutdown and have come to a couple of conclusions.

Most Republicans elected to Congress were elected to stop or slow down Obamacare and most Democrats were elected to see that it goes through.

My opinion is as well as a lot of the people that I share my opinions with all agree that appears to be the current difference between the parties.

The main complaint I have, is the sad use of names being used by not only people that write letters to the editor but the Democratic politicians. The use of kamikaze, anarchists, rabble rousers, arsonists, tea party assassins and many other derogatory names, is uncalled for in a civilized republic such as ours. That type of character assassination is usually reserved for underdeveloped nations and we are so much better and stronger than that.

I believe that voting to stop Congress from being out of Obamacare and delaying the individual mandate is reasonable but the president and Mr. Reid refuse to allow it to be voted on or negotiated.

Politics must include compromise for we the people to succeed. Settle the impasse, send the workers back to their jobs and work things out for us.