Your Opinion: Health care plan is ‘tip of the iceberg’

Dear Editor:

I have read two letters recently that were complaining about those “wascally wepublicans,” as Elmer Fudd would say. Both of these individuals remind me of the late Rodney Dangerfield, “I don’t get no respect.”

It seems as though, according to them, if only the Republicans would go along with the Democrats everything would be so much better. Those wascally wepublicans are getting in the way of all the good stuff our dear ruler wants to do to us. Not for us but to us.

If the Democrats are looking out for us then why does Obamacare require the federal government to start tracking our health care. What could possibly go wrong there? Has anyone been paying attention to what the NSA has been doing? What we know is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much we don’t know about what’s going on. Obamacare only increases government intervention into our daily lives. There are some things that might be beneficial but at what cost? The fact that people don’t have health insurance, should not be a concern to the feds.

When one individual states in part, “a law that extends health insurance to millions who do not have it and that accomplishes this through private enterprise and free markets,” where is the free market when the law requires us to buy insurance, requires each policy via mandates to cover all kinds of things some don’t need or want? When there is only the choice, that someone in Washington has made for us, that isn’t a free market.

Why does the federal government put fences around the WWII memorial to stop the WWII veterans from viewing the memorial erected to honor them? This is an open air memorial with no fences or gates and no parks personnel assigned similar to those assigned to buildings in Washington. This is a memorial similar to the Lewis and Clark memorial we have next to the capital here in Jefferson City. I guess in the super smart wisdom of a Democrat, we should put fences around this memorial and “close” it? Think about these veterans most of which are in their late 80s or early to mid-90s, traveling to Washington and when they get there, our dear ruler has closed the open air memorial to them.

What a big disappointment. How do you close an open air memorial?