Your Opinion: Republicans deny science on climate

Dear Editor:

I am told all Missouri U.S. Republican House and Senate members are climate deniers. That’s a sad spectacle. It confirms what was carefully laid out in the 2006 book, “The Republican War on Science.” When it was published there was push back because historically Republicans were not natural opponents of science. No longer. Each facet of the allegations has been proven even more so in the following years.

The book covered many topics including stem cell research, reproductive rights and evolution.

Decades ago scientists began warning of the increased dangers of greenhouse gases on this planet. One effect of a warming planet with reduced ice caps is an atmosphere that produces increasing exceptional weather events. Just a few years ago we had a once in 500 year ice storm in mid and southern Missouri. Presently the Philippines are experiencing the worst storm in modern history with up to 10,000 or more deaths.

When Sandy devastated our Eastern shore Republicans began wrangling over paying for weather-related catastrophes. Now insurance companies are beginning to raise rates with regularity to cover their storm losses. My home owner policy has gone up almost $200 in the past two years. That is nothing compared to people who live along coastal areas. Note that 50 percent of the world’s population lives within 50 miles of the ocean. Coastal home owners who have paid as much as $2,000 a year for flood insurance are going to be required to pay up to $14,000 a year. Needless to say this is a deal breaker for real estate.

Congress is rushing to solve the problem. Their solution is to prolong the rise in rates for at least four years.

A friend who wrote Rep. Luetkemeyer about her climate change concerns got his standard denial letter. Ironically it included a sentence about how CO2 admissions had dropped in the past year.

We should thank the representative for causing this by helping to destroy our economic recovery. With millions of citizens out of work, the refusal to help with any jobs bills and his support for sequestration the congressman is helping to reduce carbon emissions by stagnating economic development.

Conservative economists support a carbon tax to reduce carbon emissions. Yet, Missouri Republicans keep their heads in the sand, refuse to offer solutions and even deny there is a problem.

It’s a war on science. We are the victims.

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