Your Opinion: Oversight needed for Ameren

Dear Editor:

I recently discovered that Ameren is going to file for another rate increase in 2014. There are drivers supposedly behind this request, and one of them is the replacement of the reactor head at the Callaway nuclear plant. Why do we need to be involved? Only 20 percent of the energy produced at Callaway is afforded to Missouri consumers, with the balance sold off to out- of-state buyers (profit for Ameren at our expense.)

The Missouri Public Service Commission (MPSC) approved a 10 percent increase this past January, a $260 million dollar increase. Their track record shows their reluctance to be fair with the consumer, which says to me that the 2014 rate increase request will be approved.

Ameren has started their campaign by claiming their third-quarter profits dipped, about 1.2 percent, due to an increase in income tax and asset retirement obligation expenses. Logic says an increase in income taxes, that higher profits had to be involved.

Someone has to reign in Ameren, the MPSC, the governor, nor our legislators are up to it. Many voices are needed (one voice lacks clout, it’s insufficient) to let our governor and legislators know of our concerns of this neverending rate increases.

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