Your Opinion: Capital Mall location favored for convention center

Dear Editor:

If a convention center is going to become a reality in Jefferson City, the Capital Mall site is the only logical location.

First and foremost the mall site will not require an ongoing public subsidy.

Also, the new influx of visitors would attract a whole new crop of retailers to the mall and our community. The mall, unlike the downtown area, is open later in the evenings and on the weekends, which is precisely when conventioneers tend to have free time. The mall project will apparently be offering free busing to the downtown and other local areas of interest so the entire town would benefit from this convention center.

And the most important factor I see in deciding on the mall project is it the only option being proposed by a local developer, one with a genuine and continuing interest in the success of this project and our community.

So, although I personally would favor no convention center at this time, I strongly feel the City Council, if they are going to proceed with the center, should award the project to the Capital Mall proposal.

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