Your Opinion: Response to Todd on budget issues

Dear Editor:

Mr. Todd’s submission of Oct. 28 clearly demonstrates that it is easier to throw as much “you-know-what” against the wall and see what sticks than do some basic research and offer a cogent argument supporting the proposition.

The content of that submission can be generally summarized in four broad categories, three allegations directed at the budget and the closure, two directed at the incompetence of the Senate, two directed at the size of government and five ad hominems defaming progressives/Democrats/liberals as lacking loyalty or patriotism and as boosters of socialism, communism and terrorism.

Any of these four categories would require some validation through factual evidence and a cogent documentation of the reasons we as readers should accept Todd’s premise. Rather Todd’s submission presents all these proffers as undeniable merely because he says so.

I would suggest that such pronouncements do not qualify as credible merely because he has cooked a stew of charges without factual support.

Todd would argue that the individual ingredients presented validate the final product. The fundamental failure is that some of his core

ingredients fail the test of accuracy. The ad hominems, by any measure do not qualify as stand-alone justifications. In other words, attacking the character of the opposition has always been the last refuge of those lacking the energy or substance to rationally present a case.

I will address just one of those pillars. He states, “... Democrats have failed to pass a budget for going on the sixth year ...” This oft-repeated charge relies upon no basis in reality. In fact, Todd would be forced to recognize his error had he read my submission published on Oct. 16. Please pay attention, Mr. Todd.

In March 2013, the Democrats in the Senate passed a budget! I say it again. In March of this year, Senate Democrats passed a budget. How did it fair?

Senator Cruz and associates prevented Senator Reid from appointing conferees by objecting and other procedural tactics. Similarly, Speaker Boehner [R-Ohio] refused to appoint conferees despite repeated requests from Democratic House members. The only reason no budget was passed is Republican obstruction.

Simply, Mr. Todd, your failure to do the elementary research calls into question the authenticity of the rest of your proposition. If you cannot be accurate on the point with which you essentially led your presentation, what reason is there to lend credence to any of your presentation?

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