Your Opinion: Educated voters are open-minded

Dear Editor:

Steven Brown’s letter published March 14 really intrigues me. He seems to ridicule Coret, Greenslit and myself for our published disagreements and concerns over various influences on the voting public.

Yet he states “Any person that pays attention to any actor, Limbaugh or a union is absolutely qualified as an uneducated voter.” This to me is very strange. I am trying to understand where Brown gets his information such that he feels he is a voter so educated that he feels he is the only person qualified to vote.

What I feel Brown needs to consider is who the real uneducated voter is. The real uneducated voter is actually the person who has either no opinion or only one opinion and refuses to listen, debate and even be open to changing their mind if another person or organization has a better idea.

Yes, I write many letters as do others with different opinions. I would never call any of those who differ with me uneducated.

As a matter of fact, I feel they are probably more educated than I, however we’re apart in various degrees in ideology and beliefs. We are all different as to our lifestyle, goals, beliefs and how much freedom are we willing to give up to the government. Consequently, everyone should and usually do migrate to those sources of information that they feel agree with their ideology and support them whether it be a union, actor or Rush Limbaugh.

My big problem are the folks, that because they disagree with a person or organization ideologically, rather than debate the person on issues, feel the way to defeat them is to attack them personally or not be completely truthful. Most of my letters are written to counter that method of opposition to those whose ideology with whom I agree and also respect for their beliefs.

Bottom line, Mr. Brown, I suggest you start opening your mind and supporting some organization or influential person that you feel has the best idea for fixing this country’s problems and quit condemning those that do!

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