Your Opinion: Pandering, but no work

Dear Editor:

On March 9, Mr. Luetkemeyer treated us to his resume, told all about his work for small business, and his involvement with the banking industry. What an interesting choice of words.

There have been few if any real bills out of this last Congress and the next one seems to be just as slovenly. Oh there was plenty of political pandering but work? Not hardly. Representatives spent fewer days on the job than ever before, while taking home nice salaries and premium health care. Wouldn’t the average American taxpayer love that sweet deal? Now our fine congressmen and congresswomen have their feet propped on their desks enjoying a latte or a stogie because they got what they wanted, Speaker Boehner said so. Thousands of federal workers are going to lose pay due to their inaction, but to my knowledge, this sacrifice will not extend to Congress. How nice.

He reminded us that he works on the banking committee, listening to concerns from citizens on new burdensome regulations. One wonders if he expressed similar concerns when many were taken to the cleaners as some on Wall Street had fun with others’ pension funds, experiencing the joys of that free market and reduced regulations? What help did Luetkemeyer give to the many who suffered foreclosure at the hands of unscrupulous bankers? What are his plans to help the veterans who were illegally foreclosed upon? Imagine the nightmare for our servicemen and servicewomen coming home from overseas to foreclosure? While we are on that subject, what is Luetkemeyer doing to help prevent predatory lenders who prey on our military families and charge unpayable interest rates, further contributing to the stress of these vulnerable families?

Finally he repeats his usual dig about ACA but offers no alternative. What are his ideas for how to get health care for the working poor? Many Democrats put their careers on the line for the good of their country and this bill. I have seen little such courage on the right side of the aisle. Fighting ACA is not the answer, but rather working with business owners to get reasonable health insurance for their employees in the best financial situation possible. Healthy workers are more of an asset to an employer than ones who are not, keeping skilled workers rather than having to train new ones. Smart business owners already get this.

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