Your Opinion: ‘RedBlue’ fails to provide balance

Dear Editor:

I’m writing to inquire as to whether the “RedBlueAmerica” column published March 9 headlined “Can conservatives be trusted with GOP’s future” is an attempt to provide a fair and balanced debate?

If so it failed miserably! It’s extremely obvious it is written to discredit conservatives from both sides of the mainstream political party ideology. At least Joel Mathis was honest in admitting to being a liberal and said what I would expect a liberal to say.

Ben Boychuk however, apparently doesn’t feel the necessity to be so honest. His ideology is very easily recognized by his writing, the subject of which is Donald Trump’s appearance at CPAC. It’s obvious he’s not a conservative and I would bet he’s a closet liberal masquerading as a conservative to sell his commentaries.

If Boychuk wanted to be somewhat fair, he could have reported truthfully on CPAC. I recommend Boychuk and all those who are open-minded to go to the website where they can see all 47 of the featured speakers. The headliners are: Marco Rubio, Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan and Rand Paul.

Boychuk has labeled Donald Trump as the spokesman for CPAC and has totally ignored the true legitimate spokespersons for conservatives. Boychuk’s portrayal of Donald Trump being the primary spokesman for conservatives is like Sandra Fluke being labeled the primary spokesman for the Liberal Coalition. One can also see on the website the diversity of the CPAC by the inclusion of nearly half being women and minorities.

If there is one person speaking at CPAC who I feel should be labeled as a spokesman for the conservative agenda it’s Dr. Ben Carson. I know of no one who in recent days has verbalized so well the true conservative ideology and beliefs. Of course there have been many others like most presidents from George Washington through Ronald Reagan, but they’re dead and seem to longer matter to the majority of voters. I even include Harry Truman and John Kennedy who were conservatives compared to today’s Democrats.

I challenge Scripps Howard News Service and the News Tribune to follow up with a column titled “Can liberals be trusted with the country’s future” written by two conservatives. That’s the “RedBlueAmerica” I’ll be waiting for!


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