Your Opinion: Deer Hunting in the sights II

Dear Editor:

I was shocked by Cal Winter’s “Rebuttal on deer hunting,” March 8. I am a deer hunter and have been for many years.

I am genuinely sorry for all the traffic accidents and deaths caused by deer.

I am guilty as the Missouri Conservation Department in helping to provide habitat for deer as are a lot of private land owners. Its how we add a little enjoyment to the hard work and expense of managing land. Deer are beautiful animals and most deer hunters do a lot more watching than killing.

I would ask Winter, “What do you see as the solution to the problem?”

I started hunting deer with a recurve bow in 1969. My uncle said: “You’ll never kill a deer with that.” I was laughed at and made fun of for years but I eventually did the impossible and harvested a deer with it.

I’ve asked myself, why do I do what I do? What’s my motivation?

There are many reasons. Fall is one of the best times of the year to enjoy the outdoors. Leaf color changes, leaves fall, fresh new carpet of leaves is in the woods, fresh air, watching birds, squirrels and don’t forget — insects. Entomology observations are part of the outdoor experience.

When I am successful I take immediate care of the meat as fast as I can to maintain top quality. I enjoy roasts, steaks, ground venison and yes my dog gets some of the scraps and bones. Nothing makes a dog happier than a deer bone.

Another reason is the challenge of shooting accurately. It took years of enjoyable practice to learn to shoot a recurve bow accurately.

There is also fellowship with other hunters. It bridges the gap between all generations young and well yes, us old geezers.

I enjoy seeing the excitement and joy of a young first-time hunter.

If there is a problem, traditions and emotions aside, what is the solution?


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