Your Opinion: Response to Winter

Dear Editor:

Cal Winter’s letter published Feb. 22 again shows his undying hypocrisy and inherent derisive nature. Since that seems to be the only way a true liberal can win any debate, I’ve come to accept his methodology as the norm.

He infers all fans of right-wing radio are mindless followers and have no ability to think for themselves. It’s really strange that liberals, just because they don’t have any talented nor ideologically popular broadcaster, must disparage those who have become eminently successful.

I, for one, am a fan of Rush Limbaugh and I am offended at the inference that I have no ability to think for myself. My suspicion is that Winter has never listened to Rush Limbaugh but instead is guilty of exactly what his letter is accusing those that do.

Instead of being a follower of what I consider a dying breed of true American patriots who believe in and are fighting with words for our Constitution and Bill of Rights, Winter to me, is apparently a mindless follower of the celebrated liberal Marxist community organizer Saul Alinsky as is Mr. Obama.

I would like for all the readers of this letter to access the website: This website describes in detail Mr. Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and I challenge anyone who accesses this site with an open mind that they will come away with a clear understanding of exactly where Obama and his followers are taking this country.

Winter derides Limbaugh’s fans as mindless followers when in fact it’s Winter and his ilk that are the mindless followers. The clear difference is; whom should one listen to and believe, a patriot who believes with all his heart in the Constitution and Bill of Rights or one who is determined to dismantle the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

God save America from those whose goal is to destroy the intent of those precious documents that without those we will have no freedom.

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