Your Opinion: Reasons to repeal the Patriot Act

Dear Editor:

I listened to a snippet on Fox News this morning as a Congressional Committee questioned the National Security Agency about the gathering by the NSA of multiple millions of telephone records.

Congress was outraged that the NSA felt it had the authority to do such things without a warrant. One congressman stated that the Patriot Act should be repealed immediately. I jumped out of my chair, waved my hands in the air, and shouted “Hallelujah.”

Indeed, the Patriot Act should be repealed but please, listen to my reasons to do so. Let’s say there is this person, an upstanding citizen, no criminal record, no history of violence, just an ordinary Joe. But, he speaks out against the government, he petitions the administration and Congress (state and federal) to repeal ObamaCare, pass the FairTax, balance the budget, eliminate the IRS and the EPA, and return control of public schools to state and local governments.

Maybe he is a veteran, a member of the Tea Party, and a member of the militia. He is a hunter and has a permit to carry a concealed weapon. You can bet your sweet bippies that person is being watched by the NSA, FBI, CIA or other agencies. Did you know that because of the Patriot Act some of the alphabet agency officers could pick that person up and put him away somewhere and you would never hear from him again. No due process required. No trail. No judge. Nothing. Because he was perceived as a threat.

Check it out. Read the Patriot Act. Ask your congressman if such a thing is possible.

We need to repeal the Patriot Act.

I think it was John Adams who said that the preservation of liberty requires a frequent recurrence of the First Principles. First Principles are the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Dust of your copy and study the first ten amendments. We may have to fight to save them.

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