Your Opinion: Response to Horstmann on Bolton’s resume

Dear Editor:

Thank you for printing Harold Horstmann’s reply to my letter. It brought a smile to my face. You may remember that John Bolton was pictured with Tom Schweich and a glowing resume of Bolton was reported.

I pointed out that Bolton was guilty of lying, slander and generally bizarre behavior stemming from extreme anger with people who disagreed with him. Bolton’s behavior was enough to prevent him from being confirmed as an ambassador.

I was hoping for a reply from Schweich. Horstmann and Schweich must agree with my facts as none of them was disputed.

Horstmann did not mention your incomplete and misleading report about Bolton. I have noticed that you are happy to print letters slamming me and President Obama but omit facts about local officials. I can name several unpublished relevant facts but feel certain that they would never be printed. They are factual and some contain documents that are public information.

I quoted a cartoon of Jim Dyke’s referring to a biblical concept. Horstmann did not think I was familiar with it. Since I have spent about 60 years in churches of the same denomination as Dyke’s there is a good chance I have heard the same concepts.

It is amazing that Horstmann would defend lying in the same letter as he referred to a Biblical teaching. I do not believe that the Bible condones lying under any circumstances.

Surely Horstmann does not believe his perception of mistreatment of other people makes Bolton’s immorality acceptable. Perhaps Horstmann could write another letter and explain why the lying by John Bolton is acceptable and what these people have to do with it.

I would also be interested in Horstmann’s opinion of the News Tribune’s omitting anything about Bolton’s failure to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Readers should be aware that the News Tribune leaves out facts detrimental to their friends.

Since Horstmann presents himself as a conservative maybe we could get his opinion on local issues such as using tax money to build and sustain a convention center, increasing taxes to cover the city government’s mishandling of $1.6 million dollars and county zoning. Maybe he could be a candidate for Cole County presiding commissioner in 2014. Let us hear from you, Harold.

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