Your Opinion: ‘Dictator in chief’ uses withhold as leverage

Dear Editor:

Well it seems that not only Obama has assumed the role of dictator in chief but also now our governor is going to see if it works in Missouri. One can only hope there are enough legislators with the intestinal fortitude and understanding of their responsibilities as outlined in our Constitution to override his veto.

I’m referring to Nixon withholding a $400 million budget appropriation because he’s afraid that something might happen in the future that might reduce revenues. Whatever happened to the fact that it’s our money not his? Also what has ever happened to the government’s power to raise taxes or borrow money if it’s really needed? I think what’s really behind it is Nixon’s playing the same game as Obama in not allowing any money to be returned to the working class but rather to make sure the money is kept in the government coffers for future use to keep the dependent class as future voters.

I wonder how many of you News Tribune readers would, after overpaying your mortgage for some reason, allow the bank to just keep your money just in case you would be late on a payment in the future. Would you just keep quiet and let them do it? I know I wouldn’t! Then I wonder why we who work for our money seem to think that if the government wants our money then we open our checkbooks? Isn’t it time we vote out these dictatorial politicians who for some reason think the money we have to work for is theirs to do with what they want?

Another thought, could it be that it is a part of the Democrats plan to make sure the economy stays stagnant to repress any increase of opposition to their plan of a total socialistic state? I hate to sound conspiratorial but these actions plus all the recent federal government laws (Obamacare and amnesty) using our money to buy dependent class votes, to me, only add up to a questionable motive. Think about it.

I wonder how long will it be that our true patriots who still believe in true freedom from government as guaranteed by our Constitution will not be afraid to stand up and be heard?

I hope it’s soon for our country’s sake!

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