Your Opinion: Actions demonstrate lack of compassion

Dear Editor:

I almost choked on my coffee when I read Ms. Woodward’s letter in the Jan. 19 News Tribune expressing America’s good fortune to have a president with the qualities of “great intelligence, wisdom and compassion.” Oh, if only it were true.

Does a man who votes down legislation that would assure medical attention to an infant born alive after a botched abortion possess compassion?

Is a man who is running for president and brags about “visiting all 57 states in the United States” in possession of intelligence?

Is a president who travels worldwide and boasts “whatever America once was it is no longer a Christian nation” have wisdom?

In my opinion, no, no and no.

Woodward also states that people whose “political agenda” is the “public good” are needed to solve problems. I agree with her. However it seems the few who express common sense ideas and have the public good at heart are out-shouted by the many who have their own self-interest in mind. In my opinion, Barack Obama is the leader of the self-interest, egotistical, me-first pack. He is focused on getting his way and has no interest in getting the two parties to work together. He is very good at putting one group against another.

As we approach the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade I feel sick at heart and want to weep (as I did when Barack Obama’s re-election was announced.) The sixth commandment states “Thou shall not kill” yet we have a president who threatens to shut down government if he doesn’t get his way and give that wicked organization Planned Parenthood millions of tax dollars he promised to them. Planned Parenthood, an organization in the business of killing babies every day.

Widsom? Compassion? Intelligence? To me it’s legalized murder.

Pro-lifers we have our work cut out for us.


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