Your Opinion: Unify to carry burden of freedom

Dear Editor:

It is time to finally do something about “Freedom of speech.”

The major news services, e.g.; AP, NBC, ABC, have become totally politically motivated. Their reporting contains half-truths and omissions aimed at fooling and manipulating the public. The “Opinion” section of the News Tribune is evidence of the acrimonious nature of public discourse.

I’ve heard one speaker say that there will be “repercussions” if the Second Amendment is attacked. Words have a power to hurt and motivate people to violence. Remember “Poor Richard’s Almanac?”

Freedom of speech must be curtailed! We already have “Political correctness” as a precedent. Why shouldn’t we do this? I hope I have the readers’ attention now. And how far-fetched is this scenario?

If the government succeeds at undermining one article of the Bill of Rights with little or no resistance will it stop there? Or be encouraged to find or create another opportunity to undermine another right to build government power and diminish the power of the people?

One major glitch here is that the people must be willing to assume the burden of freedom. A majority of American voters have already said, in effect, “Forget freedom, give me security.” Wow! Freedom purchased dear and sold cheap, a virtual thirty pieces of silver.

Government is corrupt in its nature and if a majority of the people have become corrupted too, then all freedom loving people had better unify, stop feuding, refuse the emotional bait laid for them at every opportunity, (by the news division of the government) and recognize the real threat, i.e., government itself.

We had better live by the words of Ben Franklin at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, “ We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

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