Your Opinion: Liberal hypocrisy on gun issue

Dear Editor:

On Dec. 20 the News Tribune put my letter in the paper on broader federal gun laws. Actually I was sort of pulling everybody’s leg. A lot of the gun laws in this country are pretty weak, but I don’t really want to see a lot of banning either.

I think everybody would agree we need better background checks. High capacity magazines really aren’t needed by anyone either. But do they need total banning — hard to say.

It is disturbing to me that many people find it necessary to carry a concealed firearm nowdays. Time will tell if this is a good practice or not.

I was reading Steve Sampson’s letter today in the Tribune Jan. 8. He is exactly right. Even though I have been more liberal leaning in recent years, Sampson is right about the hypocrisy of liberals. Quoting the number of abortions in 2008 is incredible and the number of abortions in years before that and since would probably make us all cry.

Yes the massacre in Connecticut was evil, but just look at all those abortions. God help us.

Sampson is right about the hypocrisy of the liberals.

I don’t want to see all abortions made illegal. I’m not a doctor or a woman but some may be necessary and life and death. That’s between the woman, her man if she has one, the doctor and God. But millions of abortions most must surely be just a choice, to me a choice to kill an innocent.

I just wanted gun owners out there to know I am not as down on guns as I sounded in my last letter. I was trying to ruffle some feathers and wake up gun owners.

May I suggest those interested join the National Association for Gun Rights, a no nonsense gun rights, Second Amendment-backing organization.

And on the subject of abortion, God help us.


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