Your Opinion: cats, fleas, foxholes

Dear Editor:

A plague of mice, rats and snakes will descend on Jefferson City. Jefferson City has defied Mother Nature by not allowing cats free range. Of course cats are not perfect; they claw furniture, spray and sometimes have fleas.

I lost a cat to fleas. It was getting old and I thought its deterioration was due to its age. My daughter said it had fleas. I said it sleeps near my feet in bed. If it had fleas I would know it. I’ll check it out tomorrow. It died that night and there were fleas everywhere.

There is a very easy way to get rid of them that is almost magical. They are attracted to warm bodies. A light bulb draped over the lower rung of a chair with a pan of water in front of it will have them jumping at it and drowning in the water. The first day there will be a multitude of fleas. In three or four days they will all be drowned. One such trap will clear many rooms or a basement.

The reason a flea-infested cat could sleep in the same bed I was in is that often fleas prefer a particular species. A flea that is used to foxes, for instance, will not migrate to a beaver.

I always try to think of something good to say about anyone regardless of how hard it might be. Take Mark Bruenger, for instance, who cares about us enough to let us bask in his wisdom.

If I was in a foxhole and there was another foxhole next to it I would rather he would be in it than some flower child.

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