Your Opinion: Slash military spending to reduce deficit

Dear Editor:

I’m angry and extremely annoyed by the hypocrisy on display in Washington. Fake crisis after crisis are created to obfuscate the “elephant in the room.” High drama is acted out as the two sides of Congress work feverishly to come to a meaningless compromise to avert the latest catastrophe. The media circus covers it all with intense scrutiny and inane commentary.

This is all a sham, a big lie to make us think they’re doing something to help us and save our country. Democrats insist the path to solvency lies through fair tax policy while Republicans repeatedly call for cuts to popular social programs. Both sides know the deficit can’t be significantly reduced or eliminated by these measures but they doggedly stick to it in an effort to convince us it can.

The reality is that there is only one way to attack the nation’s massive and growing budget deficit without destroying both people’s lives and the nation’s economy. That is to slash military spending and to put an end to the country’s militarism and imperialism. The United States simply does not need to be spending in excess of a trillion dollars on defense. The country would be just as safe if our military were a quarter of its current size.

At this point America’s security is actually being threatened by the bloated military budget. The time for a real debate about cutting the US deficit by focusing on military spending has come.

For our country’s sake we need to cure our addiction to war and choose a different path to prosperity.


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