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Dear Editor:

My response to Mr. Wallemann’s letter published Jan. 3 is that he is correct, “there are strong opinions and valuable views on each side of the issue” (of guns). What Wallemann seems to forget is that our country was founded on the Constitution and not the quagmire of “opinions and valuable views” which are useless without guidance toward an end.

Think about it, if our essentially useless president and Congress that we are stuck with, which is bogged down with “fairness and safety” as their foundation instead of freedom and liberty, have been the leaders in founding our country, does anyone think there would have ever been a United States of America?

Typically, liberals and the uninformed, think there is in the Constitution, wording that permits abortion or requires public institutions to disallow religious activity or free speech to be limited just because it may offend someone.

These government actions are not permitted by the Constitution and furthermore violate the Constitution. The only reason the uninformed and liberals today believe these are somehow guaranteed rights is because a liberal quagmire of “opinions and valuable views,” which we call a Supreme Court saw fit to include those “safe and fair” changes.

Isn’t it about time for “safe and fair” to take a back seat to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights? Yes, there has to be controls on these freedoms and there are!

Police are there to stop sick and evil people from killing. How many times has one heard that the police force would have to be cut for budget reasons? How stupid is that? How many guilty criminals are free because of the Miranda ruling violations and cases dismissed because of some minor legal flaw in an arrest? Or why is the government taking legal action against the Arizona law?

The liberals years ago, required that insane people couldn’t be locked up against their will so they were all turned loose on society to deal with. Newtown, Conn., just paid a price for that illogical ruling.

How about this piece of information: Or this piece:

Whether you’re a liberal or conservative, wake up. Read the Constitution and forget “opinions and valuable views” and “safe and fair.” Good people will do the right thing and government should protect the good people from the sick and evil not tie their hands!


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