Your Opinion: Eliminate gun-free zones

Dear Editor:

Politicians and school administrators are complicating a very simple issue. Eliminate gun-free zones because mass murders occur in gun-free zones.

Malls are just as vulnerable as schools due to the fallacious concept that helpless citizens are safer than armed citizens. Safety is not obtained by increasing the number of helpless sheep in a flock. A larger flock is a bigger target and there seems to be an unstated and illogical assumption that the predator population will remain static. Changing helpless sheep back into armed free citizens is the solution to most crimes let alone mass murder by a lone psycho with a gun.

School personnel carrying concealed weapons are not security guards for schools. Individuals carrying firearms are independent agents with a desire to protect themselves, family, friends, and perhaps others. Liability and responsibility for discharging a weapon still lies with the armed individual.

Starting a massive and expensive program to introduce paid guards or law enforcement into schools is not needed. The goal is to eliminate gun-free zones and that goal can be accomplished by simple changes to law or policies.

Remove ill-advised restrictions limiting concealed carry in schools and the mass murder problem is solved without any cost to the taxpayer.

Some individuals will be upset that they or their children are near people who longer choose to be helpless.

The aforementioned personal problem has a solution that should be pursued at no cost to the taxpayer.

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