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Your Opinion: Christian doctrine ‘based on terror’

Dear Editor:

In my letter to the News Tribune, Dec. 22, I said that the deepest revelation of Christianity is that God hates people. I said that, despite centuries of theological rationalization, the doctrinal centerpiece of Christianity still includes eternal torture for nearly everyone.

Two gentlemen who have written in response to my letter refer to elements of Scripture and doctrine in an attempt to rationalize the brutal Christian universe. Only the most closed-minded Christian partisan can cheer the “masterstroke” of using Scripture to prove Scripture and any consequent doctrine. The relationship between man and the Christian god is based on terror. The Christian god is a “Mommy Dearest.” The good news is that Christianity is a lie.

I am in sympathy with any people who have felt disheartened by my giving them “too much information.” After all, we’re just human, we have to get through life as best we can. What’s true or untrue doesn’t always matter, take Santa Clause for instance.

If influential Christians will keep the tentacles of their nightmare god entirely away from our government, then people like me will happily stand down.

One of my critics referred to a book which, he said is a “contemporary investigation based on current scientific findings” by Robert Spitzer. (Eerdmans, 2010) Apparently this book purports to prove the existence of a god. I remain skeptical.

Surely such important news would have reached Missouri before now. Maybe I missed the book’s serialization in the Enquirer, sandwiched between articles on Bigfoot and belly fat. Skilled writers who have command of a great body of fact and fiction can easily mislead poorly informed readers. Readers who are intelligent and have a good general education sometimes willingly give up their most sober judgment in favor of the comfort and entertainment to be found in the world of religious hack writing.

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