Your Opinion: Both parties practice scare tactics, spending

Dear Editor:

With all the hand wringing going on in Washington about the budget cuts from both sides of the aisle, you would think that the USA, as we know it, is over. What the Washington politicians call a budget cut is really only a slight decrease in the rate of the increase, due to base line budgeting. Only in Washington do you call it a cut when you spend $100 million rather than the $120 million you were going to spend due to the automatic spending increase that occurs each and every year, because of base line budgeting.

The Democrats are scaring people about the cuts to poor people, while the Republicans are scaring people about the defense cuts. Neither of these scare tactics are actually true. The amount of money spent was scheduled to increase by 8 percent. The sequestration limits the increase to 6 percent. So is it a real cut if you still increase spending by an exorbitant amount rather than a super exorbitant amount? I don’t think it is. The Washington politicians are trying to convince us that they have everything under control and are looking out for us! Right. In the meantime, the country is going further in debt as time goes by, to the tune of $1.2 trillion a year.

Again, there is not a dime’s worth of difference between Washington Democrats and Washington Republicans.

They both want to spend our hard-earned money, but just on different things. If the RINO’s (RNC members), would start acting like they were actually conservatives and not Democrat wannabes, maybe we could get something done in Washington that actually would be good for the country.

It seems as though when we elect a seemingly good person to go to Washington, they drink the water or some other beverage, and turn into something that we didn’t elect. The money and power become addictive, and it becomes very hard to resist being pulled towards the Democrat line.

I pray for my country, that we the people will wake up and smell the coffee. We need to elect people that will stand by the stuff and not bend their core beliefs, just to get invited to the in-crowd’s cocktail parties and be thought of kindly by the mainstream media. The mainstream media isn’t going to like us, they want to bury us.


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