Your Opinion: Response on gun thefts

Dear Editor:

I feel I must respond to Michael H. Brownstein’s letter regarding Jim Dyke’s cartoon published Jan. 20.

The point of Brownstein’s letter seems to be that burglars will choose to break into homes with guns, brought some questions to my mind. How does the burglar know there are guns in the home and no one is at home so he can steal them? I guess one way is if there is a pickup truck in the drive then a conservative must live there and he probably has a gun.

But wait! What if the pickup is in the garage? What then? If he breaks in and a conservative does live there, he’s home and the lights are out I would suspect he would get blown away.

Now, if the burglar has information that a liberal Democrat lives there then there’s a good bet that there are no guns and it’s an easy hit.

Of course in Brownstein’s world, since burglars choose to break into homes to steal guns the burglar would probably just walk away. But what if the liberal Democrat has a pickup truck and it’s parked in the drive and there’s no lights on in the house. What to do? Is his information correct? Was someone trying to set him up? Is it worth the risk to break in to steal guns when here may not be any guns to steal or maybe a conservative lives there, at home and there are guns could he get blown away?

In Brownstein’s world apparently burglars are really smart and know where the guns are and when no one is at home. But in some cases, they may run into situations where they may question their intelligence because sometimes things are not what they seem.

Oh, to live in the perfect world where burglars only steal guns and if guns would disappear from the face of the earth then burglars would no longer burgle and no one would ever be killed.

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