Your Opinion: Obama advances decline in morality

Dear Editor:

I read with interest the article in the News Tribune Feb. 4 about Obama saying that the Boy Scouts should allow gay members. I always thought the purpose of the Boy Scouts was to instill Christian values, integrity and guide young boys on the path to manhood.

Why would homosexuals want to infiltrate the Boy Scouts other than to prey on young vulnerable boys? It appears once again that Barack Hussein Obama is attempting to destroy an American tradition.

Also this week Obama is traveling the United States trying to convince Americans to help him destroy the Second Amendment to the Constitution which is the right to bear arms. He Is taking advantage of the fact that a few deranged individuals have been committing mass murder with firearms recently.

In my 70 1/2 years of life I have seen a steady decline in morality, more browbeating and disdain of Christianity, and more tolerance for anything called religion that isn’t tied to Christianity. It is obvious that Obama sees the moral decline of the United States as an open door by the liberals in the United States to take away our guns, and promote homosexuality as a way to weaken the United States more rapidly. In the Bible II Timothy 2:10-12 give good insight into what is happening in the United States today.

Pray for our nation that we allow Christianity to guide us.


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