Your Opinion: Bring transparency to Ameren’s profits

Dear Editor:

I recently was made privy to a Missouri Public Service Commission decision that customers of Amen should be aware of.

The MPSC recently voted to keep information regarding Ameren’s profits hidden from the public. This decision means that consumers will not be able to find out whether Ameren is earning excessive profits above the level set by regulators.

Last year Ameren made $80 million more from consumers than were allowed. The MPSC could help by adding transparency to the process and letting the general public know more about regulated utility’s true profits. This decision is a disservice to open government.

If Gov. Nixon is concerned about Missouri’s constituents’ welfare, then I would think he would look into MPSC board members decisions. The members of this commission are appointed by the governor. Also, it would be helpful if the media, such as the News Tribune, would contribute to the distribution of news, facts affecting the utility’s customers.

Rest assured, it may seem all’s quiet with Ameren, but you can bet they are feverishly working on the next plot to raise rates/acquire our hard earned money. Guaranteed some of that $80 million was distributed to stockholders, and lobbyists to fund political campaigns. Ah yes, greed.

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