Your Opinion: Bicycle helmets protect riders

Dear Editor:

I recently spent two weeks in Jefferson City visiting family and friends.

While there I noticed many kids riding their bicycles without wearing helmets.

This is extremely dangerous and can result in severe head and brain injuries if they fall and hit their head. Also, kids heads are much more susceptible to injury.

Parents, you have a responsibility and an obligation to make sure your kids wear a bike helmet.

You need to emphasize to them the importance and necessity of wearing a helmet and the danger of not wearing one.

If your kids do not wear a helmet after you have discussed this with them and insisted they do, take their bile away for a week. This should get their attention.

Adults should also always wear a helmet to prevent serious head injuries. Every year hundreds of people suffer severe head and brain injuries and some die from the injuries because they weren’t wearing a helmet when they hit their head.

Wearing a helmet while riding with your kids sets a good example for them regarding the importance of wearing one.

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