Your Opinion: ‘All Hail the Clown’

Dear Editor:

What’s next? Jail time for not properly revering the throne of the king? I don’t seem to recall anyone getting even a reprimand for HBO depicting George Bush’s head on a spike in their series “Game of Thrones.”

Of course there was an apology, but I can’t remember any notable Republican outcry much less any Democrat being concerned about disrespect to the presidency. For sure there was no repercussion that comes close to comparison to what the elite media and gutless Republican politicians are allowing to happen to this poor guy.

Maybe I ought to start a pool to pick the date on when our Constitution will be burned in effigy and King Obama or Queen Hillary will be officially anointed. It can’t be too long at the rate we’re going.

As for me, All Hail the Clown. From the crowd’s response, I think the Republicans should run him for president. He’s got more guts than most of them.

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