Your Opinion: What Democrats hate

Dear Editor:

Sen. McCaskill recently responded to my email contact about the blatantly anti-Second Amendment bill presently being handled by the U.S. Senate. The reply from her office contained an interesting omission, referencing the right to “keep and bear arms” her email only mentioned “bears arms” without the word keep.

Some will say that the omission is a minor error created by some staffer in the hectic office of a U.S. senator; however, such an omission is quite indicative of a Democrat. Democrats hate of the Second Amendment. Actually Democrats hate the entire U.S. Constitution, capitalism, and Western civilization in general.

A radically liberal host employed by MSNBC recently stated that children should belong to the collective. If human beings can be owned by the collective, i.e. the government, why would Democrats believe firearms ownership is any different? Consequently, the word keep in the Second Amendment is no longer valid.

Free citizens in this country need to remember a statement from Karl Marx, “The theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property.” Any death tax is straight from the writings of Marx and Democrats always push for a higher death tax. Free citizens also need to remember Sen. McCaskill, nor the president, or any other black/white Democrat that I know of, repudiated the collectivist opinions publicly expressed by a Democrat leaning MSNBC host that the government can and should own human beings. Fellow travelers are thick in the offices of Democrat politicians and lame stream media outlets.

If the government can own human beings they can surely own private firearms. The problem for Democrats is they can’t accomplish the destruction of individual rights this year or maybe even the next; however, step by step, inch by inch, they have been working on the destruction of individual liberties ever since the perverse ideology of Karl Marx was vomited on this planet.

Educate yourselves free citizens. Writings of America’s founding fathers can be inexpensively purchased in electronic form. Writings of people that hate individual freedom and private property are also available for comparison but you must read the books and writings for yourselves. My fellow freedom loving citizens need to hurry for time is short to save freedom and America.

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