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Your Opinion: Support gun registration; don’t be intimidated

Dear Editor:

I regret my state senator’s position on gun rights: Why is registering guns an infringement on the right to bear arms?

I drive a lethal weapon (my car) therefore I am required to register it, pay both sales taxes when I buy it new and then annual property taxes on it thereafter. I also have to demonstrate periodically that I still know the state’s driving laws and am physically able to drive my car. It is noted on my license now (since about 5 years ago), that I have to wear corrective vision lenses when driving my own car. I even have to be responsible for others who may drive my car, and I must pay for insurance on my car. If I’m caught driving it while drunk I may lose the right to drive it.

Does any of this active involvement of the government bother me? No. (well, except for the annual property tax!) Do any of these licensing and insurance requirements violate my right to own a car? Of course not.

Now, suppose I could buy and drive a military tank down the highway without any training on how to drive it. Would that be a good idea? Of course not! Tanks are made for the military. Cars are made for domestic use. Most guns are safe for licensed, registered, responsible adults to use. But automatic and semi-automatic military grade guns that can get off hundreds of shots in a few minutes? Those are for soldiers, not for most citizens.

I’m sorry that many of our legislators, are so firmly in the pocket of the NRA. I wish they and their colleagues had the courage to stand up and vote their conscience, not for issues that are backed by the NRA who so easily intimidates them by pointing their guns at their next election bid.


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